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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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there is crime scene tape here in this parking lot. police officers here still looking for the gunman that opened fire in this walmart parking lot. you can see the crime scene tape the shooting happening in this area right over here. that victim was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to john near medical center with gunshot wounds to his face and leg. the 911 call started rolling in at 11:00 last night that shots had been fired. witnesses say the victim was on a bicycle and that the car began chasing him through the parking lot. witnesses say the shooter in the car fired five or six rounds and again we are hearing the victim was struck multiple times. at this time police have not not released information about the victim or suspect. i gave a call to pittsburgh police about ten minutes ago looking for a little bit more information. what we are looking for is that vehicle description. we are also trying to find out how that victim is doing.
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obviously injuries to the leg and to the face are very serious. that victim to taken to john mere medical center. we will continue to follow this story throughout the morning. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. we also have developing news in plaster county. a wild fire is 10% contained. that fire is burning between colfax and forest hill. 100 firefighters are attacking that -- 1800 firefighters are tackling that fire right now. >> i didn't even get back to my mouse. i slept in the car. had my dogs with me. >> the fire started wednesday afternoon and yesterday firefighters reported that they had it 20% contained but hot temperatures and wind did not
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help their efforts. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a three-year-old boy was critically injured after he was hit by a car in vallejo. police say the boy darted into the street from between two parked cars at about 7:30 last night. the boy suffered head trauma and air lifted to oakland children's hospital. police say a 52-year-old man was driving the car that hit the boy. he was not arrested. he is cooperating with investigators. closing arguments could begin today in the wrongful death lawsuit against convicted killer hains riser. he compared himself to moses. he killed his wife and likened that to moses. a federal grand jury will
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decide if penn state officials should face criminal charges. that is after the release of a 267 page report that details the sexual abuse scandal involving former assistant coach jerry sandusky. it concluded that school officials ignored the abuse allegations to avoid bad publicity. the report also singled out the late football coach joe paterno a former university president, and two other administrators. here in the bay area institutions such as st. mary's say covering up negative events is a dangerous past time. administrators say they have a zero tolerance policy and quick to notify students, faculty, and the public about any type of incident. this includes the two students that reported being sexually assaulted on campus. >> you can't take a duck and cover approach. you have to be engaged.
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you have to be proactive. >> the spokesman for st. mary's college says the best way for a public institution such as itself and penn state to be honest. this way victims get the help they need and the abuser more more likely be stopped. san jose elementary principal has failed to report allegations of molestation. a student reported inappropriate contact with a teacher but the principal did not tell authorities. the teacher craig chandler went on to molest another child. he faces felony charges of lewd and lascivious acts. a girl is recovering from a case of flesh eating bacteria that almost killed her. missy pendleton cut her knee
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after bumping into a metal sheep stand. the cut was small but required six stitches. two days later she had to be air lifted to children's hospital after getting pain and swelling in her leg with a fever. >> it was all the way up to her thigh and almost to her ankle. >> after i got to the hospital i didn't remember anything. >> missy had nine surgeries and spent almost a month in the hospital. she is now in physical theory and hopes to build enough strength to walk again without crutches. if you want to help missy, you can find out how to help her on our website just scroll down the web links on you can find a link to a facebook page with a list of upcoming fundraising events. a plan to expand west county jail in richmond will be announced today. the county wants to use $2 million to add 150 beds for inmates. the expansion will accommodate
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a growing inmate population and help them separate inmates that are in rival gangs. opponents say the money would be better spent on programs that deter people from committing crimes. 4:35 is the time right now. san jose is bolstering their fire department. coming up in 13 minutes the multimillion grant allowing them to hire more than two dozen firefighters. the post office in vallejo will be back open this morning. that is after a hazardous material scare. three people were treated after complaining of eye and throat irritation just after 11:00 yesterday morning. officials closed the post office. officials say an air conditioning unit may be to blame. it is now 4:36 on this friday morning. want to check in with sal from our brand new newsroom, sal. >> you can see it in the background. >> yes, i can.
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>> we are here in the ktvu newsroom and looking at all the traffic. let's go out to the live pictures and show you the traffic on 80 westbound. that looks pretty good. if you are driving this morning on to the bay bridge toll plaza or bay bridge it is a nice drive. no wait at the toll plaza. and no major problems getting on the bridge. also the morning commute looks good if you are on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic looks nice. hello steve. >> hi, sal, how are you? >> i'm good. you? >> it's friday. you can see a lot of low clouds out there. it's close on those higher clouds. 50s on the temps. low mid to upper. 59 concord. 59 san jose. a west, southwest at travis gusting to 31 tells me everything i need to know. it will be cooler inland. although sometimes it takes another day compared to everyone else. look at these clouds.
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so close. a few of these you can see them off in the distance. this little low see that system dropping in. the low clouds are in place. inland temps will cool down. out of the 90s for most. yesterday that cooling trend started based on the west wind although it was still warm to hot. fog, sun, cooler. windy at times. very warm inland. maybe if you think anything is over 75 it's too hot. antioch will go from 101 we will drop you to 91. livermore from 98-85. concord to 84. santa rosa 80. 65 oakland. 73 san mateo and 59 in pacifica. there is a lot of low clouds in the city in the 60s. it looks like a fog bank continues to takeups into this weekend and early next week for cool conditions. >> thank you, steve. 4:38 is the time right now. occupy protestors clash with los angeles police. how a monthly art show erupted
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in violence. >> plus it's never been done before how san jose police are hoping to predict traffic accidents before they happen. >> highway 4 westbound traffic doing pretty well if you are driving out to the will low pass grade. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. low clouds around in a big way. also the breeze inland is from the west. it will cool down. still 90s inland. but a lot of 80s now. 60s and 70s bay side. >> welcome back. time now 4:42. last night a monthly outdoor art event erupted into a clash between police and occupiers. two officers were injured. several protestors arrested. the occupiers scribbled chalk messages on the sidewalk saying may the youth rise and end the
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fed. police tried to keep demonstrators from blocking the street when a protestor tossed a bottle. when police moved in they started pelting them with rocks. delta flight was forced to return to new york after a suspicious discovery on board. authorities found wires that did not belong in one of the plane's bathrooms. the flight returned to kennedy international airport and the plane was taken to a remote area of the airport for inspection. the passengers were evacuated and authorities determined the wiring was not a threat. two people were questioned and released. oakland police have few leads in the city's eight homicides in just one week. we first told you about the story yesterday morning at 4:30. investigators say a 19-year-old woman was shot in the head inside a room at the starlight motel on mccar their boulevard. people staying a the the me tole said they heard gunfire and screaming. a friend of the victim tried to give her cpr but she died at
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the scene. there are extra police patrols in north richmond after four people were hurt in two separate shootings. the first happened at 9:30 yesterday morning. three people were shot there. then at about 30 minutes later a fourth person was shot about seven blocks away. investigators say it appears the shootings are connected and gang related. the feud is heating up between san francisco mayor ed lee and ross mirkarimi. lee is denying allegations that he committed perjury against mitigating mirkarimi. >> suggest conspiracies going on here is misdirection is waste of time. >> reporter: mirkarimi's attorneys are asking the ethics commission to subpoena four witnesses. they consider that next
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wednesday. time now 4:44. yahoo is apologizing after hackers managed to steal the pass words and e-mail addresses of 450,000 users. it is fixing -- it has changed the pass words of effected users and encouraging other users to change their pass words as well. other e-mail services using yahoo servers including g-mail, com cast, and aol have also been hacked. on a website we posted a link it is under web links on 4:45 is the time. back to sal to check on traffic. >> good morning, to you. we are looking pretty good as you leave your house and get out to work this morning. let's take a look at interstate 80 westbound. it's not a bad drive at all. you can see traffic looks good all the way outs to the -- way out to the mccarthur maze.
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if you are driving to the toll plaza we are expecting it to look good if there is a problem on the bridge. right now there are no problems reported. the morning commute looks good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that commute is moving along very well. 4:45 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. happy friday. sea breeze in place. you can feel it yesterday for most locations. bay side locations came down. anywhere from 25-gusts of 30 at travis. those tropical clouds are very, very close. if it wasn't for that west wind i would throw it in there. see that system dropping down that is enhancing our fog. 10-15 degrees cooler inland. started yesterday but we will continue that theme today. now there is always vacaville, clear lake usually they are the last ones to cool off. the wind has picked up. it's still warm inland but not as hot. fog, sun, cooler.
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temperatures anywhere from upper 50s to low 90s now. a lot more 70s and 80s in locations that were significantly warmer. fog continues to ramp up here. it looks like it will be a cooler pattern all the way into next week. right now i think the message is cooler. pamela. >> thank you, steven. an american climber was among the dozen injured in a deadly avalanche in france. nine climbers were killed yesterday morning. it's believed that one of the climbers accidentally caused a slab of ice to snap off and that triggered the avalanche. the identity of the injured americans has not been released. >> the federal government is using a new tactic to crack down on the medical marijuana industry. saying the properties are being used to distribute illegal drugs. harbor site health center is being evicted. so is the vapor room in san
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francisco. >> it's going to return many thousands of patients to the illegal market. street drug sales and law enforcement costs in oakland is immediately going to rise. >> i don't want to be buying from under ground. i don't want to buy from anybody that is doing illegal importing. >> barbara parker released a statement. she wrote in part quote i am deeply dismayed that the federal government would seek to deprive californians of this vital medicine. good news for san jose fire department $8.2 million grant from fema. this will allow the department to hire 27 new firefighter recruits. chuck reid will discuss the grant during an 11:00 a.m. news conference today. he will be joined by congressman mike don da. san jose police want to predict traffic accidents.
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the department has hired a professor from santa clara report to analyze accident patterns in the city. the method is currently being used to predict property crime. but it's never been tested on traffic accidents. >> it's like between 3-5 there is a really high probability of an accident here. so you send officers out between 3:00 and 5:00 to hope prevent it from happening. oakland is preparing for a visit by president obama ten days from now. president is scheduled to attend a fundraiser at oakland fox theater july 23rd. many people in oakland say with all the problems the city has from a soring homicide rate to riots by occupy protestors having the president stop by is a welcome bit of good publicity.
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>> it will bring people, it will bring awareness to the downtown area. hopefully get business out here. >> we are hoping he says stuff and visits us. we have a milk shake ready for president obama. >> ticket prices for the president's fundraiser start at $100. 4:49 is the time right now. possible threats against the first lady and it recordedly comes from someone assigned to protect her. >> and controversy over the u.s. olympic team uniforms. the demands coming from both republicans and democrats. cçrrú
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welcome back to the ktvu morning news. time not 4:51. a police officer in washington, d.c. is being investigated for a disturbing -- investigated for a disturbing remark against -- reportedly when the officer was asked why he was late for a moe arcade assignment for the first lady he said he didn't care about her and would quote shoot her in the head if he could. the officer has been moved to administrative duty while the secret service conducts an investigation. this morning a world war ii veteran will finally be laid to rest at his bay area boyhood
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home. he joined the marines back in 1942 when he was just 17. he died in a plane crash on a remote island in the south pacific two years later. it took until now to bring him home and positively identify him. congress is now taking stand on the uniforms that will be worn by u.s. olympic athletes. the uniforms designed by ralph lauren include navy blazers, white pants and skirts and red, white, and blue scarves and ties. members of congress are angry the clothes were made in china at the time the u.s. textile industry is struggling. >> they should be wearing uniforms made in america. >> the u.s. olympic committee is defending ralph lauren. saying all this top about olympic uniforms made in china is nonsense. polo rl is an american company that supports american athletes. and quote the company is not
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commenting on the controversy. it's now 4:53 be west nile virus is on the rise. last night vector control was spraying neighborhoods in brentwood brent -- west nile virus has been found in 20 counties that is up from 12 this time last year. more than 700 dead birds have tested positive that compares to just 90 by july of last year. >> west nile virus is largely treatable if we can control the mosquitoes. that would be us as well as residence in our community. >> vector control says people should get rid of any areas of standing water and use insectary fell hasn't -- insect repellent. traffic is off to a very nice start if you are driving around the bay area. as a matter of fact, we are
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looking at the commute that look good on highway 24 westbound. as you drive out to the caldecott tunnel between walnut creek and oakland it's a very nice drive. and the morning commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound. that traffic is looked good all the way up to the mccarthur maze. traffic is moving well on all the east bay and peninsula freeways. temperatures in the 50s. a little cooler here. the west wind has kicked in. fairfield 58 gusts to 31 out of the west, southwest. sea breeze in place that tells a us a lot. some of the clouds could clip south bay or east bay but they will mainly move off to the east. low clouds 10-15 degrees cooler. bay side cool down yesterday. today we will continue that for
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inland areas. and the wind is also picking up. it's a sea breeze system picking up down from the north. highs they topped out on wednesday. still hot for some yesterday. but temperatures now coming down in the 80s for some or low 90s. 60s and 70s around the bay. cooling trend will take us right into the weekend and probably early next week. >> thank you, steve. the investigation into sexual assault allegations against san francisco giants pablo sandoval is now in the hands of santa cruz prosecutors. they have determined there is not enough evidence to arrest him. 21-year-old woman accused sandoval of assault after a night of drinking last month. his attorney says the sex was consensual. sandoval was on the disabilitied list at the time. coming up on 5:00. i want to get new information -- new information emerging in the trayvon martin shooting case. what evidence the fbi did not
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find. plus overnight gunfire out of a bay area walmart. >> good morning. if you are driving on 101 through marin county that traffic is looking pretty good approaching the 580 interchange. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather when the morning news continues.
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security is on patrol here in this walmart parking lot in pittsburgh after an overnight shooting. we'll have details. >> 49 days until cal season opener against nevada. will memorial stadium be ready on time? we'll have an update. >> developing news from plaster county as crews lose ground on a growing wild fire. homes threatened. evacuations under way this morning. >> we'll have the cooler numbers coming up. it's time now for the ktvu channel 2 morning news.


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